Shandong Tianye Group was established in July 1999 and the core enterprise is Shandong Tianye Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd. It holds Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd (Tyan Home 600807), Shandong Tianye Mining Co.,Ltd, Shandong Tianye International Energy Co.,Ltd, Jinan High-tech Zone Microcredit Co.,Ltd and Shandong International Exhibition Hotel Co.,Ltd. During the decades of years, it becomes a significant international private-owned enterprise which involved in real estate, mining, energy, finance and other industries.


Starting with the real estate industry, Shandong Tianye Group has developed to gain brilliant achievements. It successfully developed several projects with total area over 3 million square meters, such as Tianye Green Garden, Career Pioneering and Exhibition Centre, Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Xiushui Ruyi International Business Centre, New Oriental Garden, Yongan Building, Shengshi Flower City, Tianye International Plaza, Flourishing Dragon City and etc, which all have brought good economic and social benefit. Tianye Long’ao Tianjie, Shengshi Haoting, Shengshi Guoji, Shengshi Lanting, Shengshi Huafu and Shengshi Jingyuan are under construction that became the most popular projects. In accordance with the strategic planning of “base in Qilu and have a countrywide layout”, Tianye set up business in Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Liaocheng and Dongying within Shandong Province. It concentrates on developing real estate for tourism, culture and offering cares for aged.


The based concept for the Group is offering affordable housing for people. Due to the effort and performance in these years, the Group gains recognitions and praise from different social sectors. It was awarded The Developer of Quality Assured in 2001; Top 80 Real Estate Developers with Comprehensive Strength in the Province in 2002; Top 50 Real Estate Developer in Shandong and conferred with Provincial Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Exempted from Inspections by Shandong Industrial and Commercial Bureau in 2006. In 2008, Tianye Group was conferred with the title of Qilu Famous Real Estate and then was rated Comprehensive Credit Evaluation AAA Enterprise and Top 500 China Real Estate Developers in 2009 and 2011.Last year, Tianye Group been awarded as Advanced Enterprise for Urban and Rural construction.


Tianye Group restructured the public company Shandong Jinan Department Store (Group) Co., Ltd in 2006 and in May of 2007 it renamed as Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd. This stands out as a notable landmark in the development history.


Shandong Tianye Mining Co., Ltd was set up in 2007. It owns experienced mining experts and production management team. The foundation of mining part was established by expanding domestic and overseas projects. In 2009, Shandong Tianye Gold Mining Co., Ltd was founded and then acquired 100% equities of Minjar Gold Pty. Ltd in Australia and owned Provincial Advanced Enterprise of Foreign Economic and Technology Cooperation.


Tianye had strategic cooperation with PetroChina and the government for jointly setting up Shandong Luxin Petroleum and Natural Gas Co., Ltd in 2005. Shandong Tianye International Energy Co.,Ltd was established two years later and made investment in CNG and LNG gas station, pipeline gas, industrial and civil gas, and special equipment test projects over Jinan, Qingdao, Liaocheng, Binzhou, Heze, Dezhou, Dongying. Now it is the leading company of new energy industry.


Tianye Group got into finance in 2007 as the largest shareholder of Zaozhuang Bank and then set up Jinan High Tech Zone Tianye Micro-credit Co., Ltd in 2010 participating in financial and similar financial company such as private capital management company. It had cooperation with other firms in bank, funds, trust, and lease field to provide more opportunities for other businesses.


Shandong Tianye gradually becomes such a Group that takes the Tyan Home as leading company and its business crossing real estate, mining, energy, and finance with medium and long-term development strategy. In 2009, Tianye was rated the Provincial Advanced Enterprise of Foreign Economic & Technical Cooperation by Department of Commerce of Shandong Province and Shandong Provincial Advanced Enterprise of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation by Department of Commerce of Shandong Province in 2010. It also rated Top 100 Shandong Provincial Private Enterprise by Shandong Provincial Association of Industry and Commerce in 2011.Furthermore, Jinan Municipal award Civilization Unit for the Group in 2013 and 2014.


During these years, the Group, as one of the initiators of Shandong Private Social Responsibilities Proposal, took part in several public welfare and charities. Staff made donation for Wenchuan Earthquake and fund Tianye Education Fund to help the students with financial difficulties. Moreover, the Group also participated in activities for helping the disabled and vulnerable groups which hold by Shandong the disabled association and won respects and recognition.


The Group always concentrates on team organizing ability, management skills and innovation, and builds up a skilled, professional management team with passion and strong cohesion. Experienced professional employees were introduced and developed then became the key members of management team in order to guarantee the Group’s long-term development.