Tianye has gone through hardship as well as comfort entrepreneurial stage during the past fifteen years and now its wings are gradually full. From the initial value selection on Tianye Green Garden, to the value pursuit on Jinan’s New Landmark – Jinan International Conference & Exhibition Centre, leading position of Long’ao Tianjie, and acquisition of Minjar and Morning Star in Australia, Tianye took the advantage and opportunities which shown extraordinary sight on quality view. It set its footprints from Jinan to Hebei, Qinghai, Liaoning, even far away to Australia. From real estate to energy, mining, finance and culture. Tianye’s growth is inspiring. United, tough, enthusiasm and hardworking – Tianye is young and energetic, strong and initiative, united and competitive. It is full of unremitting pursuit and persistent belief. 

Sage said that there is no way in the world you won’t reach to the glary mountaintop unless you continuously climb on the bumpy track. The development of an enterprise is similar to human survival which needs to face endless hardship and baptism of wind and rain. As a private enterprise, the only way to survive in the competitive market is to strive constantly to create more opportunities and open up a bigger stage.

Employees are the most valuable assets of Tianye and the best ones are included in Tianye’s common philosophy and faith to play a much stranger team role than each single unit that stands alone and face the market with effective team spirit.

The future is calling us. Tianye is sincerely willing and endeavor to ride with all partners in the market economy fighting for glory and achieve dreams.