Shandong Tianye International Energy Co., Ltd

Shandong Tianye International Energy Co., Ltd (‘Tianye Energy’) established in 2007 which belongs to Shandong Tianye Group as one of the core business section and also the very first company that conduct energy business in Shandong. The company had key investment in pipeline natural gas, industrial and civil used gas, special equipment detection, energy logistics, etc. It is considered as an influential company in several fields and the whole clear energy industrial chain.

Relying on advanced management, technology, service concept and the advantages in capital operation, the company set up gas companies in Heze, Binzhou, Liaocheng, Dezhou, and Qingdao with over 10 branches and primary units for business operation. Jinan is considered as the regional centre and surrounded by three individual areas from middle, east and west. The initial construction has been completed by achieving the layout of “based in Jinan, spread over Shandong, and across the country”.

In the next 3 to 5 years, the company will continually focus on gas exploitation and utilization projects to make them larger, stronger and better. Tianye Energy aims to be the nationwide noted energy enterprise.

Relying on Tianye Group’s support, Tianye Energy jointly funded the first low temperature testing centre with Shandong special equipment inspection institute in northern Yangtze River. It carries out detection and checking for various special vehicles and valves that fills the market gap.

Tianye Energy made huge investment to equip a professional transportation motorcade, including more than 30 transport vehicles. It satisfied gas supply demand while taking contract work to serve high-quality natural gas.

During these years, the company owns a professional team with fantastic working skills, professional ability, market development ability and constant courage. The company keeps developing business by resource integration, abundant public resource and excellent strategic partners to achieve the increasement of the market occupancy.

Where facing the new situation, new opportunities, new task, the company would like to carry forward the development and utilization of clean energy with all colleagues and support from the national government. It aims to make great efforts on efficient natural gas development and protection of our blue water and sky.